Aboriginal Culture

Everyone Benefits

The tour funds the aboriginal owned Kakadu Buffalo Farm Reserve which in turn provides free preferred bush food (buffalo meat, magpie geese, wild pig, barramundi fish) to aboriginal people in Kakadu.

Animal Tracks has provided real benefits to many of its local people each tour since it commenced 13 years ago. (a set percentage of every tour is paid directly to fund the farm).

This tour blends authentic local traditional indigenous culture with modern tourism to provide smiles all round.

Bush Aboriginal Guides

Aboriginal-Culture-02-450Tours are accompained by a traditional aboriginal guide on their daily search for seasonal bush foods and other useful materials. They have keen eye for wildlife spotting, animal tracks and whatever can tell them the story that each new day brings. Everyday they are in the bush hunting and gathering. This is a normal hunter gatherer trait that is nearly extinct.

Since childhood they enjoyed the afternoon bush food meal. They are good bush food camp fire cooks and follow the ancient aboriginal cooking lores. We are lucky enough to join with them. To tour guests it is bushfoods, tea and damper - to them it's a banquet that has been well earnt.

Group activities include:

  • Hunting, gathering, preparation and tasting of a variety of bush foods and medicines;
  • Campfire cooking;
  • Collection of natural fibres and dyes for traditional fibrecraft;
  • Bush shelter construction;
  • Stories about Aboriginal law, dreaming, creation ancestors and traditional Aboriginal family adventures;
  • Learning an Aboriginal language.