Guest Experiences

Guest-Experiences-01-350"What a day! Having travelled around Australia for the last 3 months, this day will go down as a big highlight - seeing the bush as we had never imagined." -- Ann & John

"This tour is a refreshingly unique experience" -- C. Wren, SA

"it is remarkable how our two guides kept us enthralled and taught us bush lore & aboriginal culture for seven wonderful hours. They are dedicated people and the tour was absolutely devoid of commercialism. Our guides are wonderful ambassadors for the Northern Territory. I pray that the tour stays unchanged." -- P. Moffitt, NSW. (extract of a letter written to the NT Minister for Tourism)

"...we had an absolute ball digging away for food and hearing of the uses and foods that were available in the bush. The time flew and talk about value for money - we even had the bonus of being fed!" -- D. Cook, QLD

"The tour was a superb experience. It was a privilege to view the extensive bird life and wildlife of Kakadu. Great value and we would recommend the tour to anyone." -- L&M McFarlane

Guest-Experiences-02-350"Truly memorable trip and so glad we came along. The real Kakadu was shown today. The guides have a real feel for the country and its people - their knowledge of bush lore and tucker was tremendous. This trip really made our holiday in the 'Top End'." -- A&M Whitehal

"Many thanks for a most interesting and enjoyable Animal Tracks tour last Thursday. We especially enjoyed the turtle hunting, spear throwing and goose plucking. Patsy is a delightful lady and we appreciate her sharing her culture and knowledge with us." -- W. Sengupla, QLD.

"A fantastic 'hands-on' journey into some truly cultural living on the land in Australia. Informative, educational, plenty to see and led by someone who has an obvious passion for the country and a desire to share with us." -- K D & J Alexander, QLD

"It is a privilege to tour with someone who really loves the place and its history. An insightful and respectful commentary compliments the wonderful natural environment through which we travelled. A wonderful experience of Kakadu." -- V&J Coffey, SA.

Guest-Experiences-03-350"Your bush tucker tour more than lived up to its promise. The guides were friendly and enthusiastic and had amazing knowledge of the land. We have a 14year old son who enjoyed every second of the day. We all learnt such a lot and ate so well! Being "hands-on" made the experience even better. I would recommend this tour to anyone. As for us it has whetted our appetite to learn more about the aboriginal way of life and on our next trip to Australia we look forward to seeing you again". -- C, R & S Fletcher

"Thank you for such a wonderful day out last Wednesday. Had a sublime day. Felt very privileged and humbled to participate in such a private and stimulating experience." -- Bronte

"About a fortnight ago my partner and I were fortunate enough to spend an afternoon with Patsy learning about bush tucker. I just wanted to let you know that everywhere we went and everyone we spoke to for the remainder of our holiday, heard about our incredible experience. I have been interested in the Aboriginal culture for many years so the Animal Tracks experience was the highlight of my visit to Kakadu." -- Carol & Gary

"I wish everyone could have the same opportunity to appreciate that Patsy and others like her have so much to offer from their culture. I felt very privileged to have shared that time with your aboriginal guide." -- B Praetz

Guest-Experiences-04-350"This is just a brief note to tell you how much we appreciated our participation on your Animal Tracks tour last Friday. We took several other trips at Kakadu, all good, but somehow yours was closest to what we were looking for. It takes a very special kind of person to construct a bridge between modern western culture and Australian aboriginal culture. Working with Patsy you have built that bridge and the two of you together are achieving something very important. We both felt at the end of the day that we had gained insight and understanding, in just a small way, of aboriginal life and culture. We particularly appreciated the sensitive and intelligent way in which you helped us do so. Patsy is an inspiration and her stories towards the end of the tour were profoundly moving. I do want to congratulate you on your effort. Our visit with you and Patsy was an unforgettable experience and we thank you both for this." -- D & U Farmer, Rhode Island

"I would just like to write how impressed and thoroughly satisfied I was with the tour that I feel privileged to have taken part in. I have highly recommended this tour to everyone I meet and will continue to do so long into the future. Thankyou for the wonderful memories!" -- N. Overbeeke.